Tuesday, June 9, 2009


as the title suggested,past few days have done a great deal in doing so.
im currently doing my on job training (OJT) at the Fleet Supply Depot (FSD), lumut naval base.
ive gone through my first week,and its a hell of a time that passed by.
just imagine things that people would normally learn in 6 months time being compressed into 28 days. NOT EVEN 1 MONTH...
as to make matters worse,i have to undergo the routine in KDSI 1. it literally meant being a midshipman without the liberty of someone who is working!

so,my mind have been dismembered from my body. ive gave up thinking why we need to do this, why is it like that.
but its not dat bad after all. it gave me an insight of what it is like to be in FSD.
hell,FSD is the most advanced logistics support system in ATM!
its hectic,people rushing around and things like that.
but the best part of it is witnessing how incredible people with incredible commitment managed to overcome the pressure.

but the 4 of us,we just sat there, trying hard to indulge every moment of it.

how else have i been dismembered?
my feelings. it is as if ive lost the greater part of it.
ive lost the instinct to show the affectionate part of me.
im so sorry syg. i love you. i really do.
but i still havent managed to potray it to you syg. so sorry for that.
but thanks alot for being so strong for us.
its just incredible. you and me.
lets hope for something even better to bloom out of this k syg?
i miss u


  1. wow.
    new girlfriend huh?
    good for u!

    wanna introduce her to me?

  2. sure!

    is it u?
    hye then!!


  3. yeah..
    it's me..

    hye there..
    nice knowing u..=)

  4. chop!
    are u belle?

    wait, i know u!
    u know him frm school ayte?

  5. yeah..
    i'm belle..=)

    we're not from d same school ok dearie?

  6. really?

    then cmner u knal die?
    menyemak gler i.