Tuesday, June 9, 2009


as the title suggested,past few days have done a great deal in doing so.
im currently doing my on job training (OJT) at the Fleet Supply Depot (FSD), lumut naval base.
ive gone through my first week,and its a hell of a time that passed by.
just imagine things that people would normally learn in 6 months time being compressed into 28 days. NOT EVEN 1 MONTH...
as to make matters worse,i have to undergo the routine in KDSI 1. it literally meant being a midshipman without the liberty of someone who is working!

so,my mind have been dismembered from my body. ive gave up thinking why we need to do this, why is it like that.
but its not dat bad after all. it gave me an insight of what it is like to be in FSD.
hell,FSD is the most advanced logistics support system in ATM!
its hectic,people rushing around and things like that.
but the best part of it is witnessing how incredible people with incredible commitment managed to overcome the pressure.

but the 4 of us,we just sat there, trying hard to indulge every moment of it.

how else have i been dismembered?
my feelings. it is as if ive lost the greater part of it.
ive lost the instinct to show the affectionate part of me.
im so sorry syg. i love you. i really do.
but i still havent managed to potray it to you syg. so sorry for that.
but thanks alot for being so strong for us.
its just incredible. you and me.
lets hope for something even better to bloom out of this k syg?
i miss u

Saturday, May 23, 2009

after a very long time

its been way too long for a post on this blog aite.
well,finals already over,im not doing anything,so y not?

a lil story of mine.
once i had a girl. for bout 3 years.
we broke up recently.
since that,ive been haunted by her images and our memories.
my friends said that its normal in post break up trauma.
but seriously,its now a prolonged situation and its killing me slowly.
i woke in d middle of d nite,sweating profusely, cuz ive dreamed bout her.
da following nite,ive dreamed bout getting together again.
n DAT CYCLE keeps going on n on.
da moment ive got a chance to be on9, her blog is the 1st on my tab.
i did dat subconsciously.


i avoid going to malls n stuffs.
reason? ill stop n stare(4 a very long time) if i happen to bump into someone dat nearly resembles her.
n when someone really looks like her, my heart stopped beating. skipped 4-5 beats. literally.

da other me said im being paranoia. he said i need to move on. he said i need to remember wat she did to us.
thanx,but i cant do dat.
ive shot past dat threshold.
to think bout wat she did,weigh it in,it looks pretty easy to stop thinking bout her aite?
BUT, once again my subconscious mind directs me into a position dat im ready to forgive everything.
i did juz dat.

so,now wat?
like she always said, kalau ade jodoh, x kemane gak.
yeah rite,but in da meantime, wat should i do?
i cant even put myself together to be ready to accept someone else.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


guys, today we had to clean up our rooms and lay all the things properly. sort the uniform according to its seniority... done. sort your baju melayu, blazer, windbreaker, and other misc... done. fold and lay your other clothes properly.... done.

and you know what, i was befuddled!

i didn't realize i had so much clothes in my belonging!

wayyy too much for a cadet!

yang ni tak termasuk yang kat dalam beg lagi! i have 2 big body bags! yang kat ampaian lagi! yang kat my house lagi!
yet i keep buying new ones. silly me!

now, where shall i put all the jarang-jarang pakai ones? hurmmmmmm.............

Friday, February 6, 2009


recently,i've been elected as the president of student representative council for NDUM. well, they say that title comes with responsibility.
it's true enough.
guys, if you look at my planner down below, you'll see that i'll be out of campus nearly every weekend.
it's gonna be hell for me.
i instantly became aware of the problems that may arise from this.
can i cope with my studies? my military training? my career? my wish?
well,plz do pray for me.
dear god, assist me with the strength needed to excel. and what is best for me. and for my dearly missed and beloved

hello everyone!

ladies and gentlemen, i now present you the latest addition to the bloggers community. hahahaha....

i actually still laugh at the thought of having my own blog. seriously..

but, who gives a damn right?

they say, syaheer, it's already the time to have one. ok..

what would i post in this blog? hurmmm...

anything... what i saw, what i've heard, what i've thought, what i've learned...